Frequently Asked Questions

The Board Game of 63 by Ancient Kingdoms Ltd.1.  What's In The Box?

  • Game Board (19" x 20")
  • Game Rules
  • Pair of Dice
  • 70 Game Pieces


2.  How Many Can Play The Game 63?

  • 2-7 Players (The more the merrier.)


3.  How Old Should You Be To Play?

  • The Game of 63 is rated for ages Eight to Adult.


4.  How Long Does it Take to Play The Game of 63?

  • It takes approximately 1 hour to play the average game, but may take a bit longer with more players.


5.  How Do I Get The Game of 63?

  • Your Game will be shipped to you once the purchase and checkout process is completed.


6.  How Do I Pay?

  • Credit Card via PayPal (no PayPal account necessary).
  • International Money Order Payable in Canada.
  • PayPal and other forms of payment offered through PayPal.


7.  What if There's A Problem With My Order?

  • Please contact us imediately if you have a problem with your order.
  • You can view your order status by logging in and clicking on 'Account Maintenance'.


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